Carson Palmer - USC

Chat Reel: Carson Palmer

New offense gives Trojans more firepower

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's chat with USC quarterback Carson Palmer. Welcome Carson and thanks for joining us.
Carson Palmer: Thanks for having me.

From Anthony Rivera in Whittier, Calif.: Under Norm Chow's new offense, do you see the Trojan offense being more explosive and moving away from the stagnating offense of years past? And do you see the Trojans possibly moving up to the upper echelon of the conference, beating Oregon, Oregon State and Washington?
Carson Palmer: Yes, definitely. I think coach Chow's scheme really helps us as a unit. Running backs can catch the ball and make things happen, and we have some three-step drops that get the ball to the guys quickly. They can turn a 5-yard route into a 40-yard gain.

From Joe Gumina in Hermosa Beach, Calif.: Hey Carson, are you upset that coach Pete Carroll didn't bring back Ken O'Brien as your quarterback coach? It seemed that once Paul Hackett left, O'Brien should have come back, especially with his relationship with coach Carroll.
Carson Palmer: Yes, I heard there was a possibility that coach O'Brien was going to come back. I had a great relationship with him. I think he just decided to stay and hang out with his family. But it's great to be able to learn from coach Chow.

From HuskerMike: How important is playing a game before you play a team like Kansas State, which will not have played a game when it visits USC?
Carson Palmer: I think it's awesome that we have a chance to play before going into a big-time game against KSU. Especially, because we have a whole new coaching staff and defense. KSU brings a lot of pressure and zone blitzes. We'll be able to come together as a unit.

From MDGJR: Carson, we are all wondering if you feel better this year with your reads and are more comfortable not looking at your receiver through the whole play? Do you think this year will be better in that regard?
Carson Palmer: Yes, I do. I think that because of the way the offense is built by your second step you're going to know who's open. Instead of a five-step drop, taking your hitch and looking for who's open.

From ectrojan: Carson, I heard Darryl Rideaux say on local radio that he would "run through a brick wall" for coach Carroll. Is that how most of the team feels?
Carson Palmer: Yes, we do. Coach Carroll came in from day one and showed he had a lot of intensity. He's extremely proud to be here, and we've fed off that. It makes it easy to play for a coach that's as emotional and loves the game as much as he does.

From hello: What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in trying to learn Norm Chow's offense in comparison to your offense of the last two years?
Carson Palmer: I really don't think it's been a challenge compared to last year. Coach Chow's offense is much more basic, and he installed it in spring ball. We're all on the same page. You really can't compare this one to last year's.

From Robert Daniels in San Clemente, Calif.: Carson, I notice every time you score or throw a touchdown. You point with one finger up to the sky. Why do you do this, and what is the significance of this?
Carson Palmer: Just thankful, thanking God that I had the opportunity to that. I'm just pointing and saying something in my head.

From akhilleus in Los Angeles: Do you and the team feel any disrespect from the Oregon Ducks' billboards that have appeared around Los Angeles?
Carson Palmer: I haven't seen them. So I really haven't thought about it. I think the guys on the team are enjoying the hype they're getting, and how low we're ranked because that gives us some extra motivation.

From Thomas in Alexandria, Va.: Hi Carson, what is Norm Chow doing with the offensive line to ensure better protection for you than last season? And will the inexperience of the defensive line be a factor early on in the season?
Carson Palmer: As far as the offensive line, I think he's really cut down on their responsibilities and jobs. He's made the protection schemes basic. As far as the defensive line, they've looked great so far. They have one of the best coaches in the country in coach Orgeron. They may be inexperienced, but they're going to be working really hard for him.

From Troyman: What receivers do you really see making a huge impact this year? Which ones do you seem to really connect with?
Carson Palmer: Of course everybody knows about Kareem Kelly but Keary Colbert is going to be a true sophomore, and he has great hands and is fast, has all the tools. Devin Pitts is a junior college transfer, and we're expecting big things from him.

From Trojanation: Have you decided already whether you will return to USC next year, or will you wait to see how this season goes?
Carson Palmer: I've already decided. I'll be back next year. I've loved USC so far, and I'll be here for another two years,

From TroyinNY: Obviously, you want to beat every opponent, but which team on the schedule would be the "sweetest victory" to you?
Carson Palmer: I think Oregon would be the best team to beat. They have a lot of guys coming back, they have a Heisman Trophy candidate and it's in Oregon. It'd be a huge win for us.

From dionysus: Is the team taking the phrase "Bring It On" to heart to go out for revenge from the last couple years, or is it just a media gimmick?
Carson Palmer: I think it is. It is our motto so far. We feel USC has lost some respect in the Pacific 10 and around the country. And everybody has been working hard to get that respect back.

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have today with Carson Palmer. Carson, thanks for joining us and good luck this season.
Carson Palmer: Thank you.