Carson Palmer - USC

OC coaches jubilant
Palmer's former coaches express shock and joy over his Heisman win.
The Orange County Register
Saturday, December 14, 2002

- Jim Hartigan, Head Football Coach at Santa Margarita High School - "My heart kind of dropped. I was in shock. ... When you hear somebody's name you coached who went to your high school, it was an emotional time - for him, I'm sure, Santa Margarita High School and I'm sure for Southern California."

- Tim O'Hara, offensive coordinator at Santa Margarita when Palmer played there - "I'm a little bit in shock, not that I didn't think he wouldn't win. It was something you weren't sure was going to happen. I was shocked by the votes. He won five of the six regions. I was thinking about his junior and senior years (in high school). Today was the anniversary of his two CIF championships, ... and those were probably two of his best games ever on his biggest nights. I hoped that was an omen. It couldn't happen to a better guy. Everything he has worked for has paid off."

- Pat Hegarty, quarterbacks coach at Santa Margarita High in Palmer's senior year - "I just think it's kind of justice for him because . some people were down on him at USC. . I think he had the last laugh on it, although he would never look at it that way."