Brian Finneran - Payton Award Quotes

"To be mentioned in the same breath as Walter Payton is truly an honor. When you think about all the great players in the country, it is really overwhelming to know that I was fortunate enough to win this award. This is a distinction I could never have obtained without the help of my teamates and the great coaching I received at Villanova."
Villanova wide receiver Brian Finneran on becoming the first wide receiver to win the Walter Payton award given to the top player in division I-AA

"I get all these mailouts about Brian Finneran being player of the year. They can save my mailing, I will give him my vote right now."
Richmond Head Coach Jim Reid

I think that Brian is what you are looking for in a franchise player. A guy who can lift a team in a really tough situation, make the great catch, make the big play and he has been able to do that."
Villanova Head Coach Andy Talley

"I am glad Bob Brady was here today, and I think he would agree that Brian is the greatest of all-time. His numbers speak for themselves. Brian is the biggest impact player that I have been around on offense, in the 13 years that I have been here. Brian has great family, two children and a beautiful wife. He is a commerce & finance student. He is really an All-American Kid, and he has always been humble. He's a franchise player."
Villanova Head Coach Andy Talley