Kris Farris - UCLA

Player Q & A of the Day
Keith Newman

July 31, 2001

How does it feel to be back after two years?

"I feel great. I've got to shake the rust off, the ankle feels good it's all I've been worrying about the last two years when I went last year to camp with the Steelers it wasn't feeling right yet. It's finally feeling good, now all I have to do is work on the football. I've been out of it for two years so any extra bit of help.I promised myself when I was out of it that I'd always work on my stuff and wouldn't let it ride. If I do something wrong at practice I want to make sure I get it right before I leave. It's unbelievable being back, you know you never realize how much you miss something until it's taken away from you and you've played a sport all the way throughout high school and college you take it for granted and when it's taken away from you.that was my first injury and that was hard for me."

RE: What do you feel you need to do out there to make the team?

"I just need to keep working on the stuff I need to work on just get better everyday as long as I keep trying to improve everyday then I should be in good shape."

What do you think about the new coaching staff?

"The coaching staff is outstanding. Especially compared to some other places, it's just really intense and they are really compassionate. You know you can tell when you ask them a question and my line coach, Coach Ronnie Vinklarek has worked with me after practice for the last 15 minutes I've had coaches in the past who just leave and walk right off the field after practice so it makes it more difficult to succeed in that kind of environment."

What improvements have you made as a player?

"I've really tried to increase my strength over the last couple of years, my leg strength still isn't what it used to be because I wasn't able to do much for about the last year and a half. Just comes down to playing football again and it is like riding a bike you've got to hop on and just keep working at it gets easier and easier."

How do you think your time off affected your thoughts about the NFL?

"This is the highest point you can reach in any sport so you've got to put in the time in you've got to work on things everyday and possibly get better because everyone else is working out that's when you get better because everyone else is."

What are your thoughts about going to Edinboro?

"It will be nice to scrimmage someone else when you have game situation you begin to have tight situations it tests your performance because you have to perform under pressure."

What did you think about last night's practice?

"Last night practice was a lot of fun. The fans coming out to support us there was a good turn out People greeted me like welcome back and we hare happy to have the fans here. I hope they still feel it in a couple months."